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Kelsey has always had a passion for helping others! She started working with kids when she was a kid herself. In her Middle School years she would help out at dance birthday parties or help teach a dance class. Then, by High School she was teaching classes and choreographing father daughter dances. When she first started in the Fitness Industry, she became a team member at Life Time and a Dance Guru! It was one of the most rewarding jobs she has had! She would not only watch over the kiddies, but she would teach tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, zumba and arts and crafts! When she found her Home-Based Gym - Crunch, she started the kids Sweat School program! She later wanted to help give back to the community, and worked with the Cinnaminson Transitional High School Program and teach agility circuit classes for the kids! She also is known to be a guest instructor for kids summer camps in Philadelphia! She would even Train High School Athletes to prepare them for their season! Kelsey briefly was a Special Education ParaEducator at Samuel Everitt - Intermediate Unit, a special needs school. This was one of her most rewarding jobs! At the end of the day, Kelsey wants to be able to inspire, motivate and encourage children to grow into incredible individuals. She wants to spread happiness and make learning and fitness fun! 

Cinnaminson Transitional High School Kids

Be That Positive Influence

Life Time Athletic Kids Dance Class

Sweat School Kids

Sweat School Kids

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